Friday, May 7, 2010

Remember (For Aunt Ruth, Rest Peacefully)

Alas, time passes by and our hearts never wonder why
Until a heart close to our hearts stops beating
Until the relative that you've ceased seeing
Lies lifeless in the brown underneath the green
In the ground underneath where they've been
For years but with tears they can't remember
Dimensions tend to exit and enter simultaneously
And all else is forgotten, except those fond
Memories. I remember when we sat on the porch
Watching the flock by the cabin, I remember when...
Wait a minute, that didn't happen... Did it?
My thoughts pivot on the axis of what could've been
On the facts of what should've been... Now I'm crying
Sadden to know you're gone yet I'm wondering why...
Lord let me remember, let recollection never part
Allow a right mind to always be upon my heart
For when all dimensions blend, they bleed
And they're left always wanting yet never in need.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dancing With The Stars, Live from Nashville

A heavy heart makes heavy eyes lids lighter
The pitch black room looms and soon grows brighter than
The moon-lit streets as they water dance with light poles
As the cars try to cut in. The stars all disco ball
The flowing dance floor but this dancing with the
Stars episode boasts no marketing appeal. The
Tennessean's ink flows right below the hill
As it writes of the fight that the city will rebuild.
And the fright that the night might strike down and kill
All the resilience that lives while the cloudy skies spill
Clear tears in abundance. All of a sudden the grounds bow
In reluctance, bleeding its brown essence as the abduction
Of its stability takes place...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Darjeeling, Cup 1

Darker than Darjeeling in the afternoon,

Sweeter than the honey that is mixed with the stirring spoon,

Turning February into June with a sip,

The taste of a promenade's pace on my lips.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I feel the electricity coming from the existence of an entity
With passive attributes yet I sense the affinity
After the water walk I touched ground where the streets squawk
And Earth gave birth to the land where the beasts fought
And the East taught, which brought more energy forward
I stand with arms open hoping to push my conductance toward
The source of all things, which forces all things
Whether they weather a storm or their torch cause things
To pause and reverence the Offspring
And sing positively charged songs along with what the current brings
I'm never deterrent to swing on my pendulum
Or oscillate my fate just to makeshift a minimum
Into its maximum potential difference
Which flows with the path of least resistance
So with the peace of your attendance
I'll make my entrance
Then exit...

Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay, for the moment my opponent is winning.
He's grinning at my humble beginnings
And I'm beginning to get pissed off.
The cost of this lost of respect
Is relative to the boss and his paycheck
And the promise of success as long as sex is involved.
I'm the dissolved pepper in the salts of the shakers on the table.
I'm only able to supply the spice of life but will never taste it.
I hate it. I debate it, attempting to abate it
But the saline keeps me sedated...
My opponent is the current victor when every cat named Victor
That looks like me is 6 feet deep or institutionalized
Learning how not to be free.
Learning how not to agree with civilization, capitalization,
Yet embraces incarceration
And the nation of Islam is his family,
A prison is his country and he's become a greater nationalist
Than the Panther with his leather fist in the air.
Despair sets in, the air gets thin
And death is his best friend...